Use My Alaska Airlines Companion Pass!

Hello friends! I am using an Alaska Airlines Companion Pass to help a pair of travelers get to their destination a lot cheaper. In the last year, I’ve used my companion passes three times and saved the recipients over $2,000 on flights.

The Alaska Air Companion Pass allows for the purchase of a second ticket for approximately $120, regardless of how much the first ticket cost. For example, a flight from NYC to Hawaii on Alaska Air often costs north of $1,000 round-trip, but with this pass, instead of $2,000 for two people, it will be closer to $1,120, or a savings of about $880. Here's the list of travel destinations served by Alaska Airlines, including two cities in Costa Rica and nine in Mexico!

I have really enjoyed helping make some travel dreams come true with these passes, but in the past, my method for distributing the passes left some equally-worthy recipients at a disadvantage. This time around, everyone who completes the three tasks below will have an equal chance at the companion pass (I'll even be helping you book your flights).  In one week, I will use a random number generator to pick the lucky winner!

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Comment on this post about Marriott hotels, sharing which one looks like the best use of the travel package and why

  2. Share a link on facebook to my post with helpful strategies for using Airbnb

  3. Go to the Thorpe Travel facebook page and describe the trip you’d like to take on the Alaska Companion Pass Giveaway post (don't forget to like the page!)

Best of luck!

*A few things to keep in mind: the pass can only be used on Alaska Air flights and I will only redeem if savings from the flights total at least $200 for the recipient. The best uses of this pass are for flights to Hawaii, one of Alaska's international destinations, trans-continental flights, or for flights that are expensive because of busy travel dates. Alaska Air terms state I cannot give this pass away, since the owner must be flying or paying for the flight, so I will be booking your flights and you will reimburse me.