Route Preview: The Oregon Bike Tour

Next week, I’ll be embarking on a bike trip that my good friend Anthony and I have been planning for quite some time. For me, it’s an opportunity to revisit a few hot spots from a previous bike tour I took with my wife down the Pacific Coast Cycling Route. I know Anthony is looking forward to getting back to the Oregon greenery and is hoping for a little coastal fog! has created this itinerary from scratch, which really allows us to take in a variety of Oregon highlights. From the fertile Willamette Valley to magnificent coastal vistas, and all the way to Crater Lake National Park, we’ll visit famous breweries and prize-winning wineries, take a dip in icy waters and natural hot springs, and hopefully we’ll stumble upon some things that not even ITP can research ahead of time!

Along the way, I’ll be blogging bits and pieces of the bike tour, with more details to follow upon our return. For easy access to all of ITP’s travel reports, you can always visit the Travel Reports landing page or follow this website by adding your email to the blank on the right side of the homepage.

Oregon Bike Tour: Portland to Klamath Falls
Saturday, September 6th: Portland to Lincoln City (Devil’s Lake State Park)
Sunday, September 7th: Lincoln City to Newport (South Beach State Park)
Monday, September 8th: Newport to Florence (Jessie Honeyman State Park)
Tuesday, September 9th: Florence to Cottage Grove
Wednesday, September 10th: Cottage Grove to Toketee Falls Camp
Thursday, September 11th: Toketee Falls Camp to Crater Lake National Park
Friday, September 12th: Crater Lake National Park to Klamath Falls