Hurry! Get Bookings for 30% Off by Stacking Deals

I just noticed that Ebay is offering $100 gift cards for only $85, which got me thinking about just how much I could take off the cost of booking a hotel through It says one purchase per buyer, but there's no reason I can think of not to buy one from a couple different Ebay accounts. If you have any upcoming travel bookings to make, this post could save you tons!

I don't currently have any upcoming travel plans that I haven't already booked for, but let's say I needed to pay for $500 in hotel stays for an upcoming trip. How much would that really cost me?

Here are the three steps I would take:

  1. Buy 5X$100 gift cards for $425. (savings: $75)
  2. Go to and click through to, triggering a 7% cash-back offer. (savings: $35)
  3. Sign into account to make booking, earning rewards that work out to a 10% discount on a future stay (savings: $50)

Totals: $500 in bookings will end up generating $160 in savings

This means it's possible to book at right now for about 30% off their prices. They also happen to be running some sales that could knock prices down another 10-30%, so you could be looking at half-off hotel stays!

What are the caveats? Well, you'll save 15% immediately by purchasing the gift cards on Ebay, but the other two savers will take a while to receive. pays their 7% upon completion of the stays and requires ten nights booked with them before those savings are "unlocked." I have personally used's rewards program successfully in the past and you can read more about their program here.

Bottom Line

There is clearly a huge opportunity here and I imagine those Ebay gift cards won't be around for long. So, if you've got an upcoming trip and plan to book hotels, get on this deal fast!